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Overview of Earth
Overview of the Earth
Global map, showing continents and ocean basins. Tectonic element map of North America. Geological time table. Map showing the national extent of participation in LITHOPROBE.
The Lithprobe Project Probing the Deepest Secrets of our Continent
Graph showing the collaboration of the various earth-science disciplines in the LITHOPROBE project. Cartoon showing the subduction of an o ceanic plate under a continental plate. Global map of major tectonic plates. Sidescan of ocean floor off Vancouver Island.
  Earthquakes and Volcanoes
A Growing Ocean
Cross section through the lithosphere of the west coast. Topography of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding continents. Topography of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding continents. Seismic cross section line 86-2 illustrates the relationship of overlying rocks to the underlying crustal blocks. Upper portion shows seismic data; lower portion is an interpretation of the same data.

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