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Geological Mapping

Geological field work provides the foundation for all other LITHOPROBE surveys.

Geological mapping is the foundation upon which all of the LITHOPROBE transects are based. Much of this work is complete at the reconnaissance level through the systematic geological mapping that is the responsibility of the federal and provincial governments. However, more detailed field mapping is required over those transects for which such information is not already available. To this end, geologists from the GSC, provincial government geological surveys and universities are making special efforts to carry out the detailed field mapping required for each transect.
Another.htmlect of geological mapping often occurs after the acquisition and preliminary interpretation of the seismic reflection data along a transect. Results inferred from the seismic sections point out the need for additional mapping to resolve ambiguities in the interpretation or to investigate specific seismic features in terms of their geological cause. This procedure has already been applied in most active transects.

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