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Magnetic method of exploration.

The magnetic field measured at or above the Earth's surface is dependent upon the magnetization and iron content of the rocks making up the crust. Magnetic anomaly data, derived after subtraction of time variations and broad-scale regional fields, can be a powerful interpretive tool for establishing the geometry and nature of subsurface rock formations. Aeromagnetic surveys on land and marine magnetic surveys at sea have contributed data to the National Magnetic Data Base compiled and maintained by the GSC. Much, but not all, of Canada is covered by such surveys. Through a GSC-LITHOPROBE/industry consortium, a large gap in the publicly available data base in central and southern Alberta has been filled as part of the Alberta Basement Transect scientific program.
Aeromagnetic surveys have been a primary exploration tool for much of Canada and are extremely important in providing maps from which unexposed geology can be deduced. On the color-coded aeromagnetic maps, the geologic texture of any region is immediately evident and major discontinuities are readily identified.

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