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New technology developed to date:
  • Seismic reflection technology for mineral exploration
    • Emphasis on developing tools for exploration of deeply buried, but economically retrievable, mineral resources near existing mines where expensive infrastructure is already in place
    • Excellent results for base metal deposits from:
      • Buchans (Nfld), Rouyn/Noranda (Que), Selbaie (Que), Matagami (Que), Kirkland Lake (Ont), Sudbury (Ont), Thompson (Man)
    • New application to uranium deposit exploration in Athabasca Basin (Sask)
    • New application to exploration for diamond bearing kimberlite dykes (NWT)
  • Seismic refraction/earthquake recording instruments
    • Developed and tested by GSC Instrumentation Laboratory
    • Technology transferred to Scintrex; worldwide sales exceed $2,000,000
  • Deep electromagnetic sounding systems
    • GSC technology transferred to Phoenix Geophysics; over 20 systems sold; many contract surveys carried out
    • Ultra-deep system now being licensed for Canadian companies to manufacture and distribute

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